05/16 Seattle, WA

In Open Discussion on How Infiltrators use LANGUAGE to render Movements like 9/11 Truth and Palestine Solidarity ineffective……..May 16 in Seattle……Please see below and spread the word………..


Keynote Address
“Why has the Solidarity Movement achieved so little for Palestinians!”

LANGUAGE CAPTURE argues special ​guest Gilad.

Ever notice how “​Lefty ​Jews”​ profess Palestinian support ​but most just dilute the Palestinian cause​!​ Their discourse deploys words to salve a Jewish Left and a Jewish Right.

Learn how a sensitive, but ​very racist, OPPRESSOR successfully “pulls the wool.”

Speaker Atzmon will emphasize your role in this LINGUISTIC Warfare!

It is key to the 2016 Election too! ​

​It stays GRIM for Palestinians until you deploy
​overdue piercing words to counter ambivalence
​​, reversals, shifts in so-called Progressive Jews
​’ discourse​.

“Racism” and “Gross Injustice” must never get shoved aside by substitute ‘clever’ terminology.

Learn in a participatory setting from the master.

Mark your calendar.
Activate and be there. Tell others. Bring friends!

7 PM Saturday May 16
University Temple United Methodist Church, The Social Room

Event volunteers much ​appreciated.

Following keynote partake in open discussion on Mideast & Why Israel has become The Agenda for both Democrats & Republicans.

Renowned speaker & blogger – now humorist -​
Gilad Atzmon will share excerpts from his newly published book

​”​A To Zion”​

It is a satirical hoot on steroids – to all but The Few.​

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